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Android Programming Notes

Basic Application elements

  •    Views  – TextBox etc ,
  •    GroupViews – LinerLayout etc
  •    Activity   – Main Screen and other screens
  •   Intent  – Communication mechanism between Activities

Android Activity Life Cycle ( Names are kind of self explanatory ! )

  •  OnCreate
  •  OnStart
  • OnResume
  • OnPause
  • OnPause
  • OnStop
  • OnDestroy

findViewById(  :- find the view by id in xml file , Cast it to appropriate class

Toast for displaying small messages

startActivity(intent) to create an new intent


  • Relative
  • Absolute
  • Lenier
  • Table
  • Grid

Log.* for logging  (DDMS)

Its is actually very easy , Most of it it there in SDK documentation.   I will read the SDK doc to get stuff done for the most part .  Bye for now . This is not supposed to make sense for anyone other than myself gg 😀


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