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Setting up your haXe Development Environment


 HaXe is a multi-platform development environment. In this book we will specifically concentrate haXe as a free flash game development platform . With haXe you can develop for windows , Linux , iPhone , android as well as for the world wide web . A source file written in haXe can have multiple targets . The source file may be compiled into different targets such as c++ , JavaScript , neko vm byte code, php . As of writing both Java and .Net back ends are under development. This gives the developer the flexibility to use the right platform for the purpose. The opportunities and applications of haXe is quite endless.

Setting up your haXe Development Environment

 Installing haXe & swfmill

  1. Download appropriate installer from

  2. Run the installer for your platform

  3. Test your haxe installation by typing haxe in your command line

  4. Download swfmill from

Install swfmill by compiling from sources or download the appropriate binary

Free IDE’s for haXe with syntax highlighting and code completion


Eclihx is an eclipse plug in that allows provides syntax highlighting and code completion features for the haxe development. Since eclipse it in cross platform it works in all platforms including Linux. However as of writing eclihx is still in not yet really stable and has some glitches.

Eclihx home page :



FlashDevelop is another good and free ide for haxe . It is at the time of writing the best available ide for haxe. The downside side of it is that it is available only for the windows operating system.

FlashDevelop home page :


Most of the popular editor like vim , geany , gedit etc have syntax highlighting for haXe . But it is particularly difficult to remember all the class names by heart and for a more productive programming session , I would recommend either flashdevelop or eclihx.

HaXe resources and links

 Haxe home page :

 haXe game programming blog :

 haXe documentation and tutorials :

 haXe projects :


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