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Open Source Software for e learning content creation

I was searching for some open source elearning content creating software , just look at what i have found and i want to it share it with whoever that is reading my blog  ( possibly there is none other than myself). So here is a note to myself about the freely availbale  e learning content creation suites. This can come in handy when creating content for my  That site is maintened my me and it is a site about game console development. It is hoped that it is helpful for everyone.  Here goes the list

eXe OPEN SOURCE SCORM Development Package :

ScenariChain Opale / OpaleSup:

Xerte OPEN SOURCE SCORM Development Package :

That’s all for now . Take care and enjoy !


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Python Programming

Python Programming

I  actually knew a little bit of python and  learned python by reading the book beginning python programming by wrox press earlier.  Recently I got a chance to automate some build related stuff in Python, I chose python because i knew it is really suited for tasks like this. Actually when I started working with Python i came to know how easy and productive python is ! .

I started writing simple script and i was slicing , snatching text in no time. I think it takes a while to become an expert in any language and more time to use it correctly. I am still fuzzy about using functional programming aspects of python and code python like coding c code. Hoping to learn more anyways . I would start by listening to some google videos and other python related stuff.  That’s all for now !

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A date with haXe

I wanted to create a library of electronics tutorials for the game console site that i am building. I wanted a free open source flash like alternative. Flash is possibly the best way to create very interactive multimedia content for the web. There are some fanatics who are against flash, but lets ignore them for the time being.  I somehow happened to find haXe and I have to say that I am very impressed by haXe. I started off with the hello world tutorials , did some small animations and so forth. haXe is incredibly easy to pickup as well. My idea is to make use of espeak , haXe  and FlashDevelop to create an interactive learning platform for my website.

Good haXe resources:

The haXe website :

The haXe documentation :

The FlashDevelop website :

swfwill website :

I think I have almost everything i need to create the platform and site of my choice without paying lots of $$$.